The History of Barcelona Chair Reproduction


There are much vintage and authentic furniture that are being reproduced and replicated at present time. The reasons of people for wanting reproductions instead of the real thing vary. For some people, they feel that they can work better with reproductions because having expensive furniture can make them more conscious about what they do at home. Since they believe that their house or their apartment should be the place where they feel most comfortable in, having expensive furniture can be a big problem.

Other than this reason, there are still other reasons that people may have. Out of all the furniture usually imitated, none is more imitated than the Barcelona design that was first created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It was created together with Ludwig’s partner Lily Reich in the year 1929. It was made to be placed in a pavilion wherein the king and queen will sit and will serve as their throne. The fact that it was made for royalty made it a very popular design. If you would check out a lot of furniture stores, you can see not only the chair but the other designs like the benches, sofas and tables that are imitated.

The design is actually very simple and classic and this makes it an easy addition to any home. The barcelona chair itself is actually easy to duplicate because it does not require much intricate detailing and high profile materials that cannot be retrieved. More often than not, the Barcelona tables as well as the rest of the Barcelona designs are imitated with similar materials to the original.

The reproduction of the table has actually started out in the year 1950 when Ludwig Mies decided that he would be changing the overall finish of the Barcelona design. Although he only created the design for the chair, other companies then started imitating the designs more in different finishes. There are different finishes that are available namely chrome plated and polished stainless steel. Out of the two finishes, the polished stainless steel is more expensive.

The fact that these designs cost more than a thousand dollars for each, people cannot help but look for alternatives. With the design being easy to copy by a lot of manufacturers and designers the Barcelona chair reproduction has started.

The designs have become better and better through the years. If in the past, it can be easy to detect if the Barcelona designs are copied or authentic, the designs right now have been modified in order to look more like the real thing. There are some that can be purchased for a cool couple of thousand dollars but if you would try to look online, there are even some tables that cost less than a thousand and they are already passable as the real thing. Of course, there is less expensive furniture available but these are already obvious fakes.

How to Know Fakes from Authentic Barcelona Chair

There is a chance that you would still like to purchase the real thing but you do not want to spend too much on it. Purchasing second hand can be a good option but how will you know if the designs that you are looking at are fake or not?

Here are some things that you have to consider:

  • Proportions – No matter how hard fakes try at times, the proportions of the original chairs and the table can be different. The original should be wide and not too tall but the fake ones are usually not too wide and are too tall.
  • Leather – If you would check out the leather of the original Barcelona chair, you can tell that the leather has been placed individually instead of looking like one big cloth placed on top of the chair. The Barcelona chair does not have any leather though so this can be harder to check.
  • Small Details – Although the Barcelona chair is very simple, you can expect that by itself, it is sturdy and it will not fall down easily. Make sure that the wood used is smooth and is not made out of cheap wood.
  • Frame – The frame of the chair should also be made in chrome although some versions of it are made in stainless steel. Usually, the original ones appear to be shinier than the fake ones and are a bit heavier as well.

Hopefully, the knowledge and information that you have learned will help guide you in knowing the perfect chair that you can have at home.